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Interested Students
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AI and Health Disparities
On A Global Stage

  Atlanta, GA, USA
March 16-19 2024 


Simulation - Innovation - Action


The SIMUVACTION project is organized under the auspices of France-Atlanta. It is an opportunity for 40 university students from across the world to actively engage, practice, and contribute to the ethical development of AI. Students, coming from different fields, universities, backgrounds, and countries will train for 6-8 weeks through a common course in which they will receive the support of professional partners.


Would you like to experience being a Head of State, Journalist, or Lobbyist? Do you want to see how YOU can impact negotiations? Would you like to draft an international level recommendation on important policy?  If so, join us for this exercise replicating a meeting of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence’s (GPAI)be ready to truly invest in your role and stand for the position of your stakeholders ! 

After attending Zoom conferences, preparing the roles they are assigned, the students will meet in-person in Atlanta for two days of training on negotiation and the D-DAY!  they have to advance the position of the entity they represent and to successfully create an agreement that illustrates the interest of all parties involved.


On the agenda for the : 

                    AI, Climate Resilience and Health Disparities on a Global Stage.

More specifically, students will write, debate, and vote on one of the most challenging AI quandaries: How can we ensure that AI, designed to help address health inequities does not, in fact, increase such disparities?

 The project fuses young minds - especially GRADUATE STUDENTS - the world of academia, the private and non-profit sectors, as well as the community organizations engaged in issues of health disparity. It provides an opportunity for all actors to meet, discuss, and act around a common goal and project. 

Academic Partner

Our partners and stakeholders



In enrolling for this program, students must accept the role they are assigned, attend the conferences and the virtual/in-person events, and turn in the assignments on time, as a preliminary condition for receiving the certificate of attendance/ to valid the exercise as an independent study course

Stage 1 -  Zoom Conferences by ZOOM from 12 pm to 2 pm EST/ 18.00 to 20.00 CET 

Stage 2 - Role assignment - teams of 2 students - play roles and prepare for D-day (research their assigned positions and roles, attend Zoom meetings, post on social media,  write a position paper 

Stage 3 - 4 days in Atlanta, Georgia, US - In-person attendance is mandatory. 


  • Arrival for International Students in Atlanta - Before March 16 (included)

  •  March 17 (9-1 p.m.): First session of Negotiation exercises 

  •  March 18 (9-1 pm): Second Session of Negotiation exercises

  • March 19 (8.30 am to 6. pm): the ACTION-DAY! 

  •  Flight back for the International Students


Possibility to combine it with the Healthcare Ethics Conference Annual Conference on March 13 and 14  - "Limits, Inclusion, and Resilience: The Ethics of Caring."

                          REGISTRATION open from September 15 to December 20. 

To proceed, you must be selected by the professors of one of the Partners University. 

Objectves & Benefits

Objectives & Benefits:

The Simuvaction exercise is conceived as a way to create an “ECOSYSTEM” through multi-layered objectives - from active learning to international thinking - with stakeholder representatives coming to an accord on common interests regarding Digital Matters applied to Health Care.

A way for STUDENTS to practice "ACTIVE LEARNING" 

  • fills the gap between their studies and the professional world

  • ​offers them an opportunity to discover themselves, out of their comfort zone, on a professional stage

  • enhances the links between knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills, through multi-disciplinary  teamwork


Through the preparation and the simulation game, collaboration between different academic partners is under way. We hope that the simulation will be a great milestone in strengthening and expanding such partnerships in Higher Education.

picture creating an ecosystem thru the simulation.png


  • It strengthens connections between academic, economic, institutional, and non-profit actors

  • It provides an opportunity to work through the different facets of an issue by participating in conferences with experts in the field, by creating contacts with the Consulates of the represented delegation, and by coaching from lobbyists-teams with businesses, associations, and NGOs



The project aims to reflect the “THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY,” motto. We consider that “local problems have global connections and implications, and these problems cannot be solved by individuals in a single country” (see NAIR Indira, WHITEHEAD Michele, Models of Global Learning, 2017, v).


Thinking globally requires both a sense of identification and enhanced creativity in problem-solving to truly think and engage in global problems.  





As Sponsors, you have the opportunity to share your expertise, make an impact on our students, and shape the world of tomorrow. This partnership could be through your organization:

  • LEADING a two-hour conference on the topic  

  • COACHING two of our students by advising them on how to best represent your position in negotiations on AI and health disparities

  • SUPPORTING the recipients of the communication awards by welcoming the two top students for an internship in your organization

  • HELPING the preparation of the event through logistic supports

  • SPONSORING the event to financially support this groundbreaking educational program


This project allows our partners to:

  • PARTICIPATE in a pioneering and innovative international event that has received a prestigious national award from the French Ministry of Higher Education

  • RECEIVE organizational and corporate RECOGNITION

  • EXPAND your business strategies by engaging with international stakeholders

  • Join our global partners “HALL of FAME” which includes groups such as Airbus Defense and Space Industries or Michelin

  • SUPPORT an INCLUSIVE PROJECT with a wide range of academic partners from the US, Canada, and Europe

  • STRENGTHEN your commitment and social responsibility by investing your efforts in a new generation of globally-connected and innovative students



Past Events


From 2015 Students from Nantes University participated in a European Council simulation

In 2017, the Program won the "Passion on Teaching in Higher Education" from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Research - the PRIX PEPS 

  • For more information on the 2018 simulation on "Bioethics and Regenerative Medicine":

Pictures Credit: Jack Wang, Alexandra Blank, Samuel Sanchez 

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Interested Students

Jamila R. Garrett-Bell

Project Coordinator,

Center for Ethics, Emory University,

Dr. Anne-Elisabeth Courrier

Visiting Fellow at the Center for Ethics,

Emory University,

Associate Professor in Public Law,

Political Sciences and Law Department

Nantes University

Potential Sponsors

Natasha Lebowitz

Director of Development

Emory University Center for Ethics


Dr. Anne-Elisabeth Courrier

Visiting Fellow at the Center for Ethics, Emory University

Associate Professor in Public Law,

Political Sciences and Law department, Nantes University

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